An emerging concept in cell biology is the formation of microscopically visible supramolecular assemblies involved in distinct cellular processes, ranging from metabolism to RNA silencing. BUHO is a MATLAB script for the identification of cells and intracellular organelles, particles and objects in high-contrast images (Perez-Pepe et al., PLoS ONE, 2012). BUHO is user-friendly, open-source and calculates, among other parameters, the number of cells, the number of a given object per cell, the percentage of cells with a given object, the object area and intensity, and the distance between different intracellular objects.

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Cell segmentation and identification of intracellular objects
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Perez-Pepe M, Slomiansky V, Loschi M, Luchelli L, Neme M, et al. (2012) BUHO: A MATLAB Script for the Study of Stress Granules and Processing Bodies by High-Throughput Image Analysis. PLoS ONE 7(12): e51495. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0051495

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